2007 requiescat in pace

For much of last year I longed for it to end, to deliver us into a year of good luck, fortune, health and happiness, but as 2008 begins I am mindful that, while there is much I wish to forget, 2007 was marked by the passing of some very special people whom I shall never forget:

Sean Horton: theatrical genius and sultan of swing – died aged 38 of cancer;

Xavier Perrot: museophile and digiratus – died aged 42 of cancer;

Stephen Bicknell: organ builder and beloved uncle – died aged 49.

I am honoured to have known them, and profoundly sad and outraged at their passing: three of the brightest souls I have encountered, snuffed out incomprehensibly prematurely. Their memories and missions live on and I would rather remember all of 2007 than risk losing any memory of three such remarkable men.

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One thought on “2007 requiescat in pace

  1. Isis

    Felice anno a te. Here’s hoping 2008 brings what you’re looking for. (And it is lovely to come across this site….)

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