pink ink.

pinkinkSince 1996 Nancy and I have offered internet consultancy under the brand pink ink. – the technology landscape has changed enormously, but we continue to focus on providing the simplest most cost effective approach to new and perennial internet issues alike.

Core services are as follows:

domain | email | web space
website and email package
domain registration, 2GB IMAP account, webmail access, 2GB web space with FTP access
$90 per annum
email package
domain registration, 2GB IMAP account, webmail access
$60 per annum
additional email package $30 per annum
WordPress install $60 per annum
additional domain $20 per annum

For more information on bespoke solutions, CMS, database design and data methodology email me with your requirement be it reliable email for an individual or information system for a multinational organization.

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  1. Jay


    Greetings from Halle, Germany.

    I need your help for rss in page plugin. The original question is at:

    Support question: is my webpage.


    I need to reduce left side space from the starting of the text from the feed.

    In another word, I need to reduce space beteen left side bar and the starting text of the feed.

    Also, how can i reduce space between top and bottom of the feed.

    Plz help me, where and how can i correct.

    Thank you very much,


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