training: bike 02:25:04: 60.17km; Silver Spring 71°F

Rather than join the Sunday ride at 8.30am I decided to watch the Spanish Grand Prix and then ride the usual Sunday route later in the day. The Grand Prix was great and the ride better! There is much more climbing on the route than one notices in a large group and the head wind along large stretches of it is really tough when you have no one to share it with. At the outset, my legs felt very heavy from yesterday’s ride, and perhaps the delicious meal and wine with friends last night, but as I warmed I was able to shake of the leaden feeling. I was most pleased that the two climbs late in the ride felt comfortable and my overall pace was 25km/h – if I can keep that pace on my own, I should manage the race in something around 6 hours.

For anyone interested here is the route – I did a little more analysis of the data from my GPS unit and the route has a vertical gain of 2,547ft: I feel even happier with the ride now!

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