training: bike 2:07:15: 53.40km; Santa Fe 58°F

Today’s ride was fascinating: starting at 7200ft after one night to acclimate to the altitude I was not sure how long I would be able to go before my lungs gave out. My friend and guide for the ride, BCR, is a long time resident at this altitude and familiar with the effect it can have on visiting low riders: he picked an excellent route around the city with a number of small climbs but never more than a few miles from home if I needed to call it a day. At each artery he gave me the option to go on or turn for home, but I found my legs and lungs recovering more quickly from the climbs than I expected and so we would add a few more miles. He had also found me wonderful bike to ride – United Airlines wanted $600 for me to bring mine – so the ride was not only a great work out but very comfortable.

A few hours later I do feel as though I rode farther than we did and I shall certainly sleep well tonight!

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