training: bike 1:16:12: 32.96km; Silver Spring 79°F

It has been a strange week during which I have not been training or writing, but now I am back doing both: about ten days ago I woke up feeling as though I had broken a rib. It hurt to stretch, turn, breathe and within a couple of days my whole abdomen was tender and in places acutely painful. I rested, moved carefully, shallow-breathed for a few days and felt depressed about the whole thing. Last weekend I finally lost patience and went for a gentle ride. By the time I got back my side felt better, my breathing was better and deeper and, over the rest of the day, I felt gradually better.

So I have erged once and ridden twice this week and while I may not have been able to capitalise on the altitude training I am, thankfully, settling back into a routine and feel good in the saddle.

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