training: bike 1:31:27: 41.07km; Silver Spring 76°F

As Q2 2009 ends the training summary is looking much more healthy: I am now averaging 140km a week and able to achieve that distance with a ride every other day. June turned out well despite a four-day trip to Toronto for the Fluid Engage project meeting. If I can maintain this kind of distance over the next three months, even with a bit more traveling planned, I feel I shall be ready for the race in October.

  • January: 3 sessions – 21.95km
  • February: 5 sessions – 99.66km
  • March: 8 sessions – 236.64 km
  • April: 12 sessions – 520.82 km
  • May: 14 sessions – 629.80 km
  • June: 14 sessions – 606.89 km

Today’s group ride felt strong and I held onto the tiger’s tail for about 12km – a little farther each time. I feel I have had a good balance of solo riding and group practice so that whatever the race condition is I can cover the distance. I would prefer to do it in numbers, but one cannot count on that.

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