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training: bike 1:36:17: 43.04km; Silver Spring 81°F

Today’s ride was hot, not hot enough yet that one’s tires stick to the road but hot enough to wonder at which stop light one’s energy leaked out! CZ and I covered the ground quickly as I had to get back in time to drop my bike off at The Bicycle Place for a service while Nancy and I are away on holiday. So with ride complete and bike safely stabled with Mike and his team, it was home to pack, mow the lawn and get ready to fly to San Antonio and thence to Santa Fe.

training: bike 2:22:17: 64.18km; Silver Spring 72°F

We enjoyed a delicious bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the TITUS vineyards last night thanks to our roommate and her husband – it was truly delicious, but I could still feel it this morning and was not sure what my ride would like. I chose the perfect window between the rain storms and was delighted to find my legs felt good, my head clear and the wine added useful energy rather than an anchor to my attempt.

The result: 64km at over 27km/hour; the peloton covered the 209km of today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia at 41km/hour so not time to give up the day job, but since I have a day job it was not too bad!

training: bike 1:12:41: 30.23km; Silver Spring 72°F

I managed to get out before the rain and join the gooner ride again this Thursday. I was talking with one of the group who said they had been pulled over a couple of weeks back by the police as someone had complained that they could not pass them. When the group explained the speed they travel and that to have overtaken them would have meant breaking the speed limit, the police let them on their way 🙂

I held on a little farther than last week and felt strong coming back up the hill to home so progress is being made!

training: bike 1:19:55: 32.87km; Silver Spring 65°F

I am beginning to see a number of people riding fixed gear/single speed bikes which makes me think I am either a real wimp or they are completely insane! I teamed up with a guy on this evenings ride and we traded pulls through the park for about 6km; as we were getting into a comfortable rhythm one of these single speedsters went by like a bullet and we decided to tag along. Even following him over the gently rolling terrain I was using gears every few clicks to keep the cadence right while he was pounding along in his only gear!

All in all a good evening on the bike 🙂