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training: bike 1:16:12: 32.96km; Silver Spring 79°F

It has been a strange week during which I have not been training or writing, but now I am back doing both: about ten days ago I woke up feeling as though I had broken a rib. It hurt to stretch, turn, breathe and within a couple of days my whole abdomen was tender and in places acutely painful. I rested, moved carefully, shallow-breathed for a few days and felt depressed about the whole thing. Last weekend I finally lost patience and went for a gentle ride. By the time I got back my side felt better, my breathing was better and deeper and, over the rest of the day, I felt gradually better.

So I have erged once and ridden twice this week and while I may not have been able to capitalise on the altitude training I am, thankfully, settling back into a routine and feel good in the saddle.

training: bike 2:07:15: 53.40km; Santa Fe 58°F

Today’s ride was fascinating: starting at 7200ft after one night to acclimate to the altitude I was not sure how long I would be able to go before my lungs gave out. My friend and guide for the ride, BCR, is a long time resident at this altitude and familiar with the effect it can have on visiting low riders: he picked an excellent route around the city with a number of small climbs but never more than a few miles from home if I needed to call it a day. At each artery he gave me the option to go on or turn for home, but I found my legs and lungs recovering more quickly from the climbs than I expected and so we would add a few more miles. He had also found me wonderful bike to ride – United Airlines wanted $600 for me to bring mine – so the ride was not only a great work out but very comfortable.

A few hours later I do feel as though I rode farther than we did and I shall certainly sleep well tonight!

training: bike 1:36:17: 43.04km; Silver Spring 81°F

Today’s ride was hot, not hot enough yet that one’s tires stick to the road but hot enough to wonder at which stop light one’s energy leaked out! CZ and I covered the ground quickly as I had to get back in time to drop my bike off at The Bicycle Place for a service while Nancy and I are away on holiday. So with ride complete and bike safely stabled with Mike and his team, it was home to pack, mow the lawn and get ready to fly to San Antonio and thence to Santa Fe.