Please find enclosed details of Reginald Foster’s perennial Latin school. Despite his return from the Eternal City to Milwaukee, he continues to offer the 5 experiences during the academic year and an intensive summer school program.


Annua Exercitatio Communis

  • Milvauchiae a mense Octobri ad Maium
  • in triginta quinque congressibus gratuitis
  • quinque “Experientiarum” sive graduum ab imo ad summum
  • feriis opportunis interpositis
  • pluribus cum lectionibus ‘ad libitum’.

Aestiva Eruditio Altior

  • ibidem mensibus Iunio et Iulio
  • sexies in hebdomada gratis
  • duorum ordinum superioris institutionis: Iuniorum et Seniorum
  • itineribus litterariis propositis
  • liberis cum sessionibus ‘sub arboribus’.


Reginald Thomas Foster
3553 South 41st Street, Apt #403
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221-5744

“A E S T I V A    M I L V A V C H I A E    L A T I N I T A S “



Not any kind of rushed immersion into Latin nor a high-pressure tour of so-called ‘Latin Grammar’, but rather: a slow and thorough, real and immediate experience of the whole Latin language in all its historical periods and types of literature from the past 2300 years – through a total, daily, conscious involvement in precise comprehension of original texts and unprepared first-sight Latin readings, in personal composition and extemporaneous Latin Conversation, in discussions about classroom pedagogy and teaching methods: (all joined with a solid reliving of the Roman world by means of simple, inexpensive outings and literary trips with the aid of real, pertinent Latin sources and writings.)

Projected and provided only for very well trained Latin teachers and/or fully educated high-level advanced Latin scholars [at least 21 years of age – to be proven by official documentation] who have decided to develop further and are determined to advance in Latin mastery and competence through serious, joyful, constant application.  Consequently:  = The summer program is for sure not advisable nor available to inexperienced beginners, to the first-level students, to fresh grammar-victims, even with the best of intentions.  ((N.B.  A preliminary written exercise and examination to be completed privately and returned quickly by all candidates will show to the people themselves and to the organizer each one’s preparation and readiness, or not. ))

A minimum of two encounters of 90 minutes, every day according to a separately printed outline of class material, six days a week, for eight complete weeks, from beginning on Monday June 6th,  until the conclusion on Saturday July 30st, of the year 2011.  In two sections or on two levels which occupy, at a slower pace:  ‘ iuniores’  = rusty scholars, antiquated Latinists and first-time Roman summer-schoolers, at a faster speed:  ‘seniores’  = better equipped, tested Latin veterans or perhaps former Foster subjects:  to whom upon request a document can be given after the proper completion of each one’s complete course.  Except for very special cases, no person may take any Summer Experience more than twice nor attend two years in succession: and this is simply in order to avoid many disgusting repetitions and inevitable boredom.

Required, personal undertakings and assignments outside of class times – both in writing and by memory:  enriched by spontaneous, casual, evening meetings ‘sub arboribus’ in nearby gardens with various Latin readings and free Latin conversations, and also complemented with economical Latin excursions to meaningful places in and around the area.

Therefore: even if guests and observers, relatives and friends of the approved participants are always welcome to share the summer Latin event together and the outside activities, nevertheless officially inscribed members who arbitrarily drift in and out, who inconsistently appear and disappear because of some private cause, some outside rule of observance or of the weather, who are on a summer vacation with Latin thrown in or a honeymoon, who neglect their weekly “Ludi Aestivi”,  who do not normally interact with the others in the ‘experience’ are neither tolerated nor recognized, and will be told publicly to abandon summer Latin for the greater consolation and encouragement of the remaining faithful associates.

While lodging arrangements In the Midwest and surrounding area for the time of the summer school are the exclusive responsibility of the partakers themselves confidently entrusted to their ingenuity and good luck, especially by employing the many offerings on the Internet, all other classroom materials and the instruction itself are supplied without any financial obligations or strings attached by Reginald Foster, near the address provided below, in keeping with the spirit, conditions and principles indicated above; accordingly – without any fixed fees or tuitions at all, even though spontaneous and completely anonymous contributions to the ‘good Latin cause’ are certainly presumed and most gratefully received.

Anybody interested in this adventure and undertaking can contact – for answers and information:

Reginald Thomas Foster
3553 South 41st St   Apt. 403
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 53221-5744
U. S. A

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