WordPress Plugin: RSS in Page

This plugin allows you to include an RSS feed in your page or post using a shortcode.

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL']

will return the 5 most recent items in the feed in the format:

date: title with a link – source

You can override this format using the optional attributes listed below.

The plugin is at version 2.9.1 and supports thumbnails and a read more link for truncated descriptions, multiple feed URLs separated by commas and the addition of the feed name:

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL1, feedURL2']

The plugin supports truncation of the feed title and description.

There are several optional attributes:

  • rssformat allows you to format the output using format parameters e.g. the default x: Y – w<br />z where x is the date, Y is the title with a link, y is the title, z is the description and w is the feed name
  • rssitems returns a different number of items
  • rssorder returns the oldest rss items rather than the most recent
  • rsstarget=’_blank’ opens links in a new window/tab, default is ‘_self’
  • rssdateformat allows item date to be formatted using php date parameters, default is RFC 2822 formatted date
  • rsscss allows you to set a css class to style the list rather than the default content list style in the theme
  • rsstitlelength allows you to truncate the title to a certain character length, default returns the whole title
  • rssdescriptionlength allows you to truncate the description to a certain character length, default returns the whole description
  • rssdescription=’no’ allows you to suppress the description, default is to show it – this still works, but is deprecated: you should use rssformat instead
  • rsstimezone allows you to set the timezone in which the feed datetime will be displayed, default is UTC; use values from the php list of supported timezones e.g. PST is America/Los_Angeles, MST is America/Denver, CST is America/Chicago, EST is America/New_York

Please review the php list of supported timezones here to find a city in your timezone.

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL' rssitems='15' rssorder='asc' rsstarget='_blank' rssdateformat='j F Y' rsscss='myclassname' rssformat='x: y - z']

You can embed the plugin into your theme using the following code snippet:

$atts = array(‘rssfeed’ => ‘feedURL’);
echo rssinpage($atts);

You can add any of the optional attributes to the array.

Download the plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rss-in-page

For example:

[rssinpage rssfeed='newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml']


[rssinpage rssfeed=’newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml’]


[rssinpage rssfeed='newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/sportonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml' rssformat='x: Y
p z' rssdescriptionlength='50' rssdateformat='j F Y H:i:s' rsstimezone='America/New_York' rsscss='rssclass' rsstarget='_blank']


[rssinpage rssfeed=’newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/sportonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml’ rssformat=’x: Y
p z’ rssdescriptionlength=’50’ rssdateformat=’j F Y H:i:s’ rsstimezone=’America/New_York’ rsscss=’rssclass’ rsstarget=’_blank’]

Please note: RSS in Page is built on the excellent SimplePie framework. Before submitting a support comment please check your feed is valid at http://simplepie.org/demo – if it functions there and you are still experiencing an issue please ensure to add the feed in your support request.

If you find this plug in useful please consider donating to its future development:

299 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: RSS in Page

  1. titusbicknell Post author

    Michael: the plugin creates an unordered list so whatever styling your theme applies to the <li> tag will be applied to the rss output – your theme seems to have no bullets on any lists so you will have to define a custom css per the attribute listed above the adds the bullet.

  2. titusbicknell Post author

    Vinny: the mckinsey feed is timing out causing the feed parser to abort – take that feed out and see if the feed works without it.

  3. titusbicknell Post author

    Angie: not sure what you are trying to achieve but coding a URL variable into the feed processor would be more easily done by altering the plugin code than modifying the shortcode syntax – if you can give me more info I may be able to answer the question in a more constructive way.

  4. Geek Business

    Has anyone else had issues with the latest version (2.8) not playing well with WP 3.1? On… http://www.geekbusiness.com/advertising-networks/casale-media/, I am using the following shortcode (removed brackets for this comment only)… rssinpage rssfeed=’http://casalemedia.wordpress.com/feed/’ rssdateformat=’M j, Y’ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssformat=’x: y – z’

    You can see that none of the formatting is working. I deleted the cache files to make sure that was not the issue. It’s obviously something I am doing… can someone point it out?


  5. Geek Business

    found the problem… and I was a moron. There were embedded tags in it.... probably something to do with my pasting in the shortcode to "design" view

  6. cassius

    Hi Titus,
    in future versions, it would be nice to have the option to choose the attribute rel=”nofollow” in the generated href.


  7. Glenn

    Hi Titus,

    Thanks for the plugin. I’ve looked at a lot of them for parsing rss and this one is very capable. Two questions: (1) I can’t get it to output more than 50 items, and (2) when I use multiple feeds, the output isn’t arranged by date but by feed (and I’d like for the output to be displayed by date regardless of the feed source).

    Thank you!


  8. Vinny

    Hi Titus

    A few questions and requests:
    1) Feeds containing a comma, such as this one “http://ec.europa.eu/social/rss.jsp?langId=en&n=all,&” do not work…perhaps because comma is used to separate multiple feeds. Is there any solution?
    2) Is it possible to add “filter” words.
    3) What about pagination, for e.g., to have 30 items but display them over 3 pages


  9. Flip

    A little way down Titus answered Joro:

    you can activate the function in your index page code by adding the following:

    echo rssinpage($atts);

    you can add any of the optional attributes to the array.

    Can you give me an example of the array using some of the attributes: when I paste in the above code with correct feedurl in my index template I get a php parse error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/domainname/public_html/dev/wp-content/themes/themename/template-home.php on line 84

    line 84 is the one starting $atts = array …

    echo rssinpage($atts);

    Can you give an example of a full array statement so I know the right format (i am not a real php coder obviously



  10. Brian

    Hello I am using the rss in page for wordpress but when I use itunes and add the rss and go to the frontend of the website and click any of the links this is what I get – Missing offer id cookie – I did a search and seen lot of others are having this same problem but I havent seen a fix for it yet.

  11. philip bravin

    possible to do collapse/expand of feed? selectable to number of items to show at first ad expand to max length

    i use jquery collapse o matic–its quite extensive but the simple one (the first shortcode) works fine for all or nothing situations

  12. titusbicknell Post author

    Flip: simple example would be:

    $atts = array(‘rssfeed’ => ‘http://feeds.news.com.au/public/rss/2.0/aus_business_mining_704.xml’,
    ‘rssitems’ => ’15’);
    echo rssinpage($atts);

  13. Rene Lindberg


    Im am starting using your plugin, and i think i works very fine for me.
    But i have a little problem: I can´t get the css part to work?

    What shall i do?
    i called the css: rsscss=’rsscss’

    Shall i make a new rsscss.css in the theme? i need some hints.

    can you please help me a bit. 😀

  14. Danielle

    Hi Titus,

    I am attempting to use your plugin to import an RSS feed that has some HTML formatting built-in. The feed items render correctly in my feed reader, but when RSS in Page renders the items, it strips all formatting (and some data, wrapped in tags).

    Here’s the feed: http://mtshastachamber.com/directory/rssfeed.php?thecondition=catid=400&number=100&field=title&ascdesc=ascending

    This is what it looks like in WP: http://visitmtshasta.com/dining/

    (I’m using RSS to get data from one script to appear in WP – if I can just get the formatting right, I won’t have to resort to iframes…)

    The code I’m using in the template is:

    'http://mtshastachamber.com/directory/rssfeed.php?thecondition=catid=400&number=100&field=title&ascdesc=ascending', 'rssitems' => '100', 'rssformat' => 'Yz');
    echo rssinpage($atts);

    Am I doing anything wrong? Is WordPress stripping the formatting, or the plugin? (Among other things, it’s leaving off websites because they’re wrapped in an a tag.) Any help you can give will be most appreciated!

  15. Guy Morazain

    . I am using [rssinpage rssfeed='http://www.lexisnexis.ca/updates/whatsnewlawnet.xml' rsstarget=’_blank' rssformat='x: Y – w' ]
    and the date is not insert in the place of x.

    i get:

    : Ahousaht Indian Band v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law, Natural resources law; B.C.C.A.; May 18, 2011) — Aboriginal bands could fish for and sell any species of fish in environs of their territories but this did not extend to geoduck clam fishery. – LAW/NET(TM) Legal Update Service

    Am i doimg something wrong?

  16. titusbicknell Post author

    Rene: I am afraid I cannot offer CSS support but there are lots of online resources to help.
    Danielle: Could you give me an example of info that is being stripped as the page on your site looks pretty comprehensive?

  17. titusbicknell Post author

    Guy: there is no date in the feed so nothing the plugin can do 🙁

  18. VN

    Hi Titus,

    Like Flip, I, too am getting the php syntax error: unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘)’

    I tried using your example you posted in response to Flip and add it to my index page, but the same error pops up.

    Using WP 3.0 and Php 5

    Hoping you can help.

  19. Carsten


    a feed has not updated on the page of mine, but has from RSS point of view:


    General Physics (RSS)
    [rssinpage rssfeed='http://www.physnews.com/feed.xml' rssitems='3' rsstarget='_blank' rssdateformat='d.m.Y' rssdescriptionlength='300']


    General Physics (RSS)

    14.06.2011: J&J wins U.S. approval for hip replacement system - Physics News
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A ceramic-on-metal artificial hip system made by Johnson & Johnson for patients with osteoarthritis has won U.S. approval, the Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday.
    14.06.2011: Researchers record two-state dynamics in glassy silicon - Physics News
    Using high-resolution imaging technology, University of Illinois researchers have answered a question that had confounded semiconductor researchers: Is amorphous silicon a glass? The answer? ...

    What goes on ? The other feed seems to have updated…

  20. alexis


    When I try to activate
    I get:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ‘$’ in RSSinpage.php on line 33


    Thanks in advance

  21. Carsten


    previous post has now updated, at least was update today….not sure what was/is going on.

    If we are enabled to have multiple feeds, it would be very useful among the global amount specifier “rssitems” to also be able to specify at least how many of EACH RSS you want to be in the list.
    If I have a science RSS put together spanning over News of


    I may want to have the lasted 2 of EACH feed. Could that be introduced ?

    Thanks for looking into this

  22. Chilly + Jenna

    Thank you for such a useful plugin! It really has brought together alot of our websites into one hub 🙂

    I would like to ask though, is there a way of not displaying the date + time of RSS posts? had a look in the php and got a little scared off!

    Its just this bit of each post I want to remove: Wed, 08 Jun 2011 17:08:00 +0000:

    Many thanks again my friend, p.s. – where is the donate button?

  23. Paul

    My latest tweets stopped showing up 7.21.11, not sure why? Any thoughts? Thanks for any help.

    These are HPOAco’s latest tweets:
    [rssinpage rssfeed=’https://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/181133206.rss’ rssitems=’3′ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssdateformat=’j F Y H:i:s’ rsstimezone=’America/New_York’ rssformat=’x: Y’ ]

  24. philip bravin

    im working on a rss feed for both wordpress and mobile

    the yahoo rss feeds work in simplepie but doesnt work with rssinpage..can you look into this

    i owe you a donation–itll be forthcoming when my site goes live


  25. titusbicknell Post author

    chilly + Jenna: simply create a rssformat without x and no date will appear – donate button is on this page 🙂
    philip: please provide the yahoo feed you are trying to make work

  26. Blue Llama

    Hi Titus,

    Really loving the plugin. Have it working great with a Facebook status RSS feed. However, the website owner has just posted a link to a Youtube video and understandably it doesn’t display this. Any ideas how I could go about fixing this?


  27. Mark

    Can an example CSS file be shown here?
    Where does the file need to go, and what’s required to be in in?

    I understand you don’t want to get into the ‘how to style it like this…’ but some sort of starting point would be useful.

    Thanks, Mark

  28. Troy

    Fairly noob…need to insert a feed into the sidebar on a page. I know the code below isn’t correct, I just need to know what to put around the rssinpage block.

    New Items
    [rssinpage rssfeed=’http://www.mysite.com/rss.asp?type=newreleases’]

  29. Cody

    You wrote: “simply create a rssformat without x and no date will appear”

    How do you create an “rssformat without x”. I don’t see an x anywhere in the code. How do I remove the date again? Thank you, am trying out this and other RSS plugins and this one is by far the best so far.

  30. battyangel

    Is there a way to show the description of a feed but eliminate any images and/or links that are included in the description? It is really messing with my custom template formatting when the feed includes images or links in the descriptions…if not, it might be something that you could add to the update wish list. 🙂 Great plugin by the way, it has made my life so much easier. Thank you!

  31. titusbicknell Post author

    Phil: please send me the shortcode you are using and I’ll see if I can help with the youtube parsing.

  32. titusbicknell Post author

    Mark: in the example above I created this css code:

    ul.rssclass {list-style: none;}
    ul.rssclass li { color: #666666; }
    ul.rssclass a { color: #ff0000; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold; text-transform: uppercase;}
    ul.rssclass a:hover { color: #66cc33; text-decoration: none; }

    and then coded the shortcode with the variable rsscss=’rssclass’ and the CSS is applied. It can go in any file as long as that file is referenced before the shortcode requests it.

  33. titusbicknell Post author

    Seldoms: the feed is configured in a funny way – no obvious solution at this time sorry.

  34. titusbicknell Post author

    Troy: since the standard WordPress RSS widget does a great job for sidebars so I dd not code my plug in for sidebars.

  35. titusbicknell Post author

    Cody: add rssformat=’y – z’ to your shortcode and as long as x does not appear in it no date will show.

  36. Sheya

    Thank you for a great plugin. One question, is there a way i can get the feed to automatically split into multiple columns. Say I have 60 items and I would like it two split into three columns with 30 items in each, I would I do it?

    Thank you for your help

  37. Richard

    First off, absolutely LOVE the plugin. Love it…

    I do have one big request, and I’m not sure how many people will use it, but I thought I would ask.

    I’d like to be able to pass a variable fromt the RSS feed to the output. For example, say I have two feeds. The first is http://untappd.com/rss/brewery/1394 and the second is http://untappd.com/rss/brewery/113. I would love to be able to enter http://untappd.com/rss/brewery/1394?id=2489 as the feed, so so that I could pass 2489 to the final formatting.

    Why? I’d live to be able to format the posts based on their sources.

    Does that make sense?

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  39. Meitar Moscovitz

    Hi Titus,

    Thank you for a fantastic plugin.

    I’m running into the same problem Vinny had, a slow feed that causes WordPress’s SimplePie timeout to be reached before the remote server returns any data. Since I don’t have control over the remote server, the only option I had was to increase the timeout.

    In order to do so in the most graceful way possible, I patched your plugin so that the rssinpage shortcode now accepts an optional rsstimeout attribute. The numeric value there is passed to the set_timeout() function in the SimplePie instance associated with the rssinpage shortcode. Here’s a diff of the RSSinpage.php file:

    < Version: 2.8

    > Version: 2.8.1
    > ‘rsstimeout’ => ”,
    > if (!empty($rsstimeout)) { $feed->set_timeout((int) $rsstimeout); }
    < ?>
    \ No newline at end of file

    > ?>

    And here’s a diff of the readme.txt file:

    > 2.8.1:
    > * added <code>rsstimeout</code> to more gracefully handle slow fetches. (Thanks, [Meitar Moscovitz](http://meitar.moscovitz.name/).)
    < * added condition to verify requested items does not exceed available items
    \ No newline at end of file

    > * added condition to verify requested items does not exceed available items

    Please let me know if you’d like me to email you a more thorough patch and, if so, to what address. 🙂

    Thanks again for the wonderful plugin and I hope you are able to incorporate this optional rsstimeout attribute into the next release.

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