WordPress Plugin: RSS in Page

This plugin allows you to include an RSS feed in your page or post using a shortcode.

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL']

will return the 5 most recent items in the feed in the format:

date: title with a link – source

You can override this format using the optional attributes listed below.

The plugin is at version 2.9.1 and supports thumbnails and a read more link for truncated descriptions, multiple feed URLs separated by commas and the addition of the feed name:

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL1, feedURL2']

The plugin supports truncation of the feed title and description.

There are several optional attributes:

  • rssformat allows you to format the output using format parameters e.g. the default x: Y – w<br />z where x is the date, Y is the title with a link, y is the title, z is the description and w is the feed name
  • rssitems returns a different number of items
  • rssorder returns the oldest rss items rather than the most recent
  • rsstarget=’_blank’ opens links in a new window/tab, default is ‘_self’
  • rssdateformat allows item date to be formatted using php date parameters, default is RFC 2822 formatted date
  • rsscss allows you to set a css class to style the list rather than the default content list style in the theme
  • rsstitlelength allows you to truncate the title to a certain character length, default returns the whole title
  • rssdescriptionlength allows you to truncate the description to a certain character length, default returns the whole description
  • rssdescription=’no’ allows you to suppress the description, default is to show it – this still works, but is deprecated: you should use rssformat instead
  • rsstimezone allows you to set the timezone in which the feed datetime will be displayed, default is UTC; use values from the php list of supported timezones e.g. PST is America/Los_Angeles, MST is America/Denver, CST is America/Chicago, EST is America/New_York

Please review the php list of supported timezones here to find a city in your timezone.

[rssinpage rssfeed='feedURL' rssitems='15' rssorder='asc' rsstarget='_blank' rssdateformat='j F Y' rsscss='myclassname' rssformat='x: y - z']

You can embed the plugin into your theme using the following code snippet:

$atts = array(‘rssfeed’ => ‘feedURL’);
echo rssinpage($atts);

You can add any of the optional attributes to the array.

Download the plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rss-in-page

For example:

[rssinpage rssfeed='newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml']


[rssinpage rssfeed=’newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml’]


[rssinpage rssfeed='newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/sportonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml' rssformat='x: Y
p z' rssdescriptionlength='50' rssdateformat='j F Y H:i:s' rsstimezone='America/New_York' rsscss='rssclass' rsstarget='_blank']


[rssinpage rssfeed=’newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/sportonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml’ rssformat=’x: Y
p z’ rssdescriptionlength=’50’ rssdateformat=’j F Y H:i:s’ rsstimezone=’America/New_York’ rsscss=’rssclass’ rsstarget=’_blank’]

Please note: RSS in Page is built on the excellent SimplePie framework. Before submitting a support comment please check your feed is valid at http://simplepie.org/demo – if it functions there and you are still experiencing an issue please ensure to add the feed in your support request.

If you find this plug in useful please consider donating to its future development:

299 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: RSS in Page

  1. SDK

    This is a great help.

    Is there any way to remove the bullets from the list and then left justify without using css?

  2. Norea

    Hi TItus,

    I really like your pluggin (thats exactly why I needed) but I have a little problem, I don’t know how I can separate the color of the date, the description and the source of the RSS import (plus I have to change the font-size as well).
    Coud you please help me
    Thanks a lot

  3. rayck

    Great RSS Feed plugin.

    Q: How can I have the plugin to read the first bullet point and stripe the rest? i.e. just to have the first shows up on the feed?


  4. Lindsey Hightower

    I tried your RSS in page plugin last because the “it has not been tried with my latest version of WP warning”,not only does it work great,it was the only one of several others tried that I got easily set up and working on my WP 3.3.1 site,thanks for the great plugin,LH

  5. Benny Bosco .J

    Hi Sir,

    I assign rssformat=’Yxz’. But it cant work fine. Can you suggest me any good idea..

  6. Benny Bosco .J

    Hi Titus,

    I reduced discription of the character length as 300. If i want to show in another page as like as “Read More” concept. How can i do with RSS IN PAGE plugin. My shortcode is [rssinpage rssfeed=’http://www.google.com/rss’ rssformat=’Yxz’]. Is that shortcode, what can i do for “Read More”. Thanks for Advance

  7. Benny Bosco .J

    Hi Titus,

    I reduced discription of the character length as 300. If i want to show in another page as like as “Read More” concept. How can i do with RSS IN PAGE plugin. My shortcode is [rssinpage rssfeed=’http://www.google.com/rss’ rssformat=’Yxz’]. Is that shortcode, what can i do for “Read More”. Thanks for Advance

  8. Benny Bosco .J

    Hi Titus,

    Great plugin.. I have installed successfully and also work fine. Can i include Read More functionality for this plugin. Extend the full contents in my post

  9. Lakshmanan

    Hi Bicknell,
    The plugin works perfect but i need a small help like readmore option when the content is compressed and if the readmore option is clicked the ‘z’ should open in a new page.


  10. Benny Bosco .J

    Hi Titus,

    I am new to wordpress. I am using RSS in page plugin in my site. Everything is fine in RSS in page. For my website, Can i do ‘continue reading’ for every post in RSS feed as like as post in wordpress. Can you suggest me some idea about “Read More”. Already i posted some informations Here. Can you reply me.

  11. Christy

    getting errors on this page: http://news-test.gnome.org/

    here’s what i’ve tried so far:
    disabled all other plugins
    uninstalled/re-installed this plugin
    re-installed wordpress

    any suggestions?

    thanks, i love the plugin, and really want to use it!

  12. Xstine

    How can I leave the order of the items in my feed items untouched?

    I have a feed (that i have created using Yahoo Pipes) that represents performance dates for an artist. The performance date is displayed in the title of each item and the feed is already sorted by already. But when using RSS-in-page the order is modified. Is there a way to turn off the sorting function?

  13. Marcus

    hi titusbicknell,

    I’m trying to get this plugin to parse news from yahoo finance based on a specific ticker which lives in the post custom fields. This is where I am and I’ve spent three hours trying to figure this out and not been able to come up with a working solution:

    echo rssinpage($atts);

    how do I append the ticker from the post’s custom field to the code above?

    The syntax for my custom field is:

    ID, ‘trade_ticker’, true); ?>


  14. Yvonne


    I have placed rss in page on my website. I use it for the rss feed of my own (foto)blog. Is there a way that also a thumbnail of the post (the photo) is added to the rss feed?

  15. Solutions


    Thanks for a great plugin, it solved many problems that I faced in a long time. Today, a new problem or a suggestion if you like to call it.

    I inserted it in a post, it is changing as the original feed changes, but I need to re-feed the contents using WordPress feed, this come whith a new problem that any feed reader will not be able to mark it as a new or modified post unless the time or date changes.

    The question now, would there be anyway to update the post time so it will remain fresh?

    Best regards,


  16. Dalibor

    Thank you for the excellent plugin and for all the support that embracing on this page. I need two things more from this plugin. Those things are: img and author. I want to manipulate with them into ‘rssformat’ as is possible with x, y, z, v… You can set i for img and a for author. I think that this improvement would be of benefit to many.
    (Sorry for my english 🙂

  17. Dave

    Thanks for the plugin. It works great. I would love to know how to do one thing though. How can I just show the domain of the site from the Title Link? I would like to have the link shown and then the website name it came from after it. Thanks for any suggestions.


  18. Nico

    Hi Titus

    Thanks for the great plugin
    I’ve set up a few RSS feeds as campaigns, but I find that although I can manually run the campaign, but scheduled runs do not activate on the time,as indicated in the “Next Run” – I have set it up to run every 10 hours… Am I missing something?

  19. Harberg

    This is a great pluging and is just what I’ve been looking for.
    I’m wondering about more control over the css. I want to have the date as one color and font size, then the link to be different, and so on. I can change the usual elements of a list, but the date and the description I can’t seem to access. There a way to add a span class to the individual items in the short code? Any help would be great.



  20. Phannarith

    I got this error, what’s wrong?

    Warning: file_get_contents(http:%3Cwbr%3E/%3Cwbr%3E/www.downloadbox.org%3Cwbr%3E/rss.xml) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/phannari/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php

  21. PeKa

    Hi! Thanks for this plugin, is awesome! But I have question – is it possible to display feeds on pages by date?

  22. Pat

    Hello, firstly great plugin and thank you very much for providing it. Is there anyway to include an image in the feed?

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  24. Julia


    How can I delete website description, in this example “BBC Sport – Sport” and date at all?
    So I would have just the post name


  25. Niklas


    I need skip-command “rssskip”, so I can show the first 3 rss-news with description, the show the rest without. Then I could run the plugin twice without showing the same first three news again in the feed.
    Can you add this please! =) Or is this possible to do in some other way???

    Something like this I could do then:
    [rssinpage rssfeed=’http://www.holmbygden.se/feed/’ rssitems=’3′ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssdateformat=’j/n’ rssformat=’x: Yz’ rssdescription=’yes’ rsstitlelength=’20’ rssdescriptionlength=’58’]
    [rssinpage rssfeed=’http://www.holmbygden.se/feed/’ RSSSKIP=’3′ rssitems=’6′ rsstarget=’_blank’ rssdateformat=’j/n’ rssformat=’x: Yz’ rssdescription=’no’ rsstitlelength=’20’]

    Thanks for a great plugin anyway!

  26. Michael


    This is an incredible plugin with many possibilities.
    Currently, there is a premium plugin which does a little more and it sells for $27!
    I am interested in hardcoding the shortcodes into single.php and tried this code…

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[rssinpage rssfeed='bing.com/search?q="”‘ ‘other parameters’); ?>

    … but had no success.

    What I am trying to do is get the Bing RSS search feed that results from the post title so that the content of the post will update and attract search engine activity. Although I’m sure my syntax is correct (using pseudocode here, of course, for illustration purposes), I can’t get this to work.

    Any tips?


  27. Bubbles


    I have been trying this PlugIn for a few days now, and it works great, for what I want to perform. But the generation of the files in the cache directory, is very long. (I’ve tried to play around with the cache time, with limited sucess)

    Is there any options to either (1) speed up the caching of files (though it is most likely related to the database/server speed), or use a time out option, when one of the feed does not provide any response in (x) seconds ?

  28. Mills Gregory

    Hi I`m new to at this and would like some assistance, I download the plugin i have also theme that supports random placements of rss code, I tried anything and its still no result. Please in simple terms where can i get the code to place it come to my theme, this are the flowing options for my theme:

    – RSS Feed URL (Enter your custom RSS Feed URL, Feedburner or other.)

    – Custom CSS (Any code you add here will appear in the head section of every page of your site. Add only the css code without style blocks, they are auto inserted.)

    – Head Code (Any code you add here will appear in the head section, just before of every page of your site.)

    – Footer Code (Any code you add here will appear just before tag of every page of your site.)

    SO if anybody knows anything useful or some solution or can guide me where can i get my codes i will be extremely pleased.



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  30. Marcus

    This is a very good plugin, but it won´t work on webpages anymore. Are you going to update this so it will work with WP 3.6.1?

  31. Terry

    Love this plugin! Fast, simple and very easy to use.

    If there was a way to pull a thumb image for each item would be killer.

    Thank you for sharing your work,


  32. titusbicknell Post author

    Look on the page for:

    You can embed the plugin into your theme using the following code snippet:

    and use that code in your template file.

  33. Lisa

    I would like to change the order for the my feed, so they are sorted by date…

    Can you please help me figure this out asap?


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